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English Demo v3.1.3

LoudSpeaker LAB 3.x Upgrade
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Note: This is a self extracting zip and when you execute the upgrade do you have to browse to the "LoudSpeaker LAB 3 Std" folder which is usually at "C:\Program Files\LoudSpeaker LAB 3 Std".

Whats new in v3.1.3

· Added inverted mute for those with the Soundblaster Audigy 2 (PCI), in advanced measurement settings.
· The program crashed when overloaded and there were no level calibration.
· Added some more import formats, the new CLIO and JustMLS and SoundEasy text formats.
· Kim Girardin's new microphone calibration file format is now supported.
Whats new in v3.1.2
 The levels dialog caused a program crash when a soundcard without windows mixer api was connected and there was no normal windows soundcard.
Whats new in v3.1.1
 The input slider in the Level's dialog wasn't working with the new level calibration method.
Whats new in v3.1
 Added a quick T/S parameter dialog in box design for easy test of drivers where the published data is limited.
 Improved the level calibration where each mixer level is measured, the reason is that many soundcards have non linear faders.
 MLS now have a higher resolution at the same length (removed an old work around).  
 Microphone compensation did'nt work like it should on calc FFT and CSD from an impulse window.
 CSD (Waterfall) calculation had some bugs like selecting wrong window type etc...
 QC or Limits test is improved.
 Impedance calibration now has a wider tolerance.

Whats new in v3.02 

· New: Added an AC Volt meter which can show Volt's, dBV and dBu, note: you must calibrate the levels to get correct readings.
· New: X-Max limited curve in box design is now also showing a dotted non limited curve for easy comparision.
· Fix: The T/S parameter with the added mass method calculated the mass wrong.
· Fix: The driver database didn't accept manually entered T/S parameters.
· Fix: Auto number of curves is working correctly.
· Fix: Frequency domain linearity compensation is now working from 1 Hz instead of 5 Hz as it was before.
· + much more...

Whats new in v3.01:

 Added export to EMF and BMP picture formats, see the File menu.
 Fixed so the Soundblaster Audigy 2 soundcard works with LspLAB, it has a very strange muting policy.
 Fixed so the M-Audio Transit works with the program.
 Added virtual normalisation to multi-graph.
 Post process smooth didn't work on impedance.
LoudSpeaker LAB 2 Demo

English Demo v2.21 (not for sale anymore)
Svensk Demo v2.21 (har utgått)

LoudSpeaker LAB 2 Upgrade

English v2.21
Svensk v2.21

See the help on whats new in v2.21

LoudSpeaker LAB 1 Uppgradering (Swedish)